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Food Product Development

Synercore Holdings

creating growth & sustainability

Synercore Holdings is an investment company, established the 1st April 2016, and acquired shares in various food research & application and ingredient companies. Synercore has experienced exceptional and rapid growth, due to the leveraging of synergies between the different Business Units as well as the consolidation and the rationalisation of various key business and technical functions.

Main Competency Areas

The activities of the Business Units can be divided into 3 main competency areas, namely:

food formulations & application support

Synercore’s core activities are food formulations and application support. Activities are maintained by Synercore’s commitment to employ the best people in food science and from the trades, with proven experience in multitudes of applications.


Synercore through AFI, Nfinite, DC Food Ingredients and CTrade produces customized ingredients, systems blends, compounds and preparations, which combined with the technical expertise and practical skill within the respective sales organizations, will provide our customers with a total solution when developing new products.


Synercore through Allmark Foods, specializes in ‘Blend & Pack’ business set up to cater to the needs of the food industry to meet stringent food safety requirements. Allmark Foods can cater to blends of dry, wet, or paste ingredients utilizing 6 dry, 2 paste and 1 wet blender. They can pack from 1kg to 1000kg at to customized batch requirements of the customers. Blending rooms and warehousing are setup to cater to allergen as well as conflicting material control. Allmark Foods are in process to upgrade from ISO 22000 to FSSC 22000 system to meet customer demands.

In addition to the above mentioned competency areas, Synercore also invested in Research and Development through their collaboration with Innovative Research Solutions.


Innovative Research Solutions (IRS) established in 2016 is a privately owned company specializing in Research and Development within the food and related industries. The company has invested in highly skilled individuals who are regarded as leaders within their respective fields, to effectively assist in research and the translation of research, while maintaining commercial awareness in-line with customer needs and market trends. The human capital that resides within the company makes IRS one of the leaders in research and development in the food industry that will be competitive in not only the local, but also global market.

Business Units

Synercore’s different business units can be divided into three main competency areas, namely product development, ingredient sales and contract blending within the dairy, beverage, bakery and related food industries.