At Synercore we believe that “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”, to quote Aristotle.

Through the establishment of Synercore:

  1. We have created a sustainable and dynamic group and environment, with the focus on ‘collective intelligence’, delivering a unique value proposition to the food industry in Africa.
  2. We continuously strive to better service our customers and expanding customer base, through quality products and services, as we believe our customer is the main stakeholder in our business.
  3. We have created a platform for growth and sustainability within the individual companies in the Synercore group, to be able to focus on their respective core competencies.

Through these initiatives, we aim to create the most competitive food innovation and ingredients supplier in Sub-Saharan Africa, both in terms of quality, cost and customer service.



Our Culture

Our culture in simple terms is defined as our way of life, the manifestation of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively. It is the habits, traditions, behaviors and legacy of our organisation and is summarised as follows:

“To foster passionate, innovative and like-minded individuals to create a sustainable business based on respect, trust and compassion towards each other, our customers, our community and our environment.”