DC Food Ingredients (ex-Dairy Cheret) is a South African based company specialising in the development and supply of functional ingredients for food and beverages, with a portfolio including antimicrobials, anti-oxidants, cultures, emulsifiers, enzymes, functional blends, stabilisers & textural ingredients. In addition to the functional ingredients and systems blends, DC Food Ingredients also distributes a wide range of products related to the food industry, such as flavour enhancers, rennet, starches, preservatives, colourants & flavourings, wax, cheese cloth, cheese moulds, packaging, petrifilm, antibiotic test kits and accessories, thermometers, cleaning and hygiene products and a large variety of commodity items. DC Food Ingredients’ product development team enjoys the challenge of customising food ingredients to fulfill customers’ demand. The success of DC Food Ingredients is attributed to remaining up to date with all advancements in food science and technology and the ability to conduct trials and formulate/change recipes to suit customers’ specifications. DC Food Ingredients has its own laboratory and takes pride in their levels of expertise and the support and services offered to their clients, regardless of size.