Today, Synercore Holdings has signed an agreement for the takeover of Bread Ingredient Suppliers CC in Cape Town, South Africa.

Bread Ingredient Suppliers CC is a bakery systems blending business, currently providing systems blends to the South African medium sized bakery industry. The company employs 20 staff and operates an efficient blending facility, ensuring regional customers a high level of support and speed of service.

“The acquisition of Bread Ingredients will significantly strengthen Synercore’s presence in the South African industrial food market. Based on our cutting-edge research and development, manufacturing capability and unparalleled knowledge of food applications, we continue to enhance our leading position to supply the best tailor-made blends to achieve specific food manufacturer goals,” says Dr. Tertius Cilliers, CEO of the Synercore Group. He further states: “By joining Synercore’s Johannesburg based Allmark Blending company with Bread Ingredient Suppliers CC’s Cape Town location, we will create a better platform for developing new products and supporting our growing customer base nationally.”

“This deal is the best business decision for securing long term business and job security for Bread Ingredient Suppliers CC’s staff. It also opens a door to expansion and improvement of our business, utilizing the vast skill base in the Synercore Group” says Trevor Allan, owner and Managing Director of Bread Ingredient Suppliers CC.

The agreement is expected to be concluded by March 2017.